Efficiency is key to delivery and Eskuta provides exactly that.

The fact the Eskuta SX-250d is classed as an EAPC or ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ means it can be ridden in cycle & bus lanes and allows you to avoid the dreaded traffic that slows your system down.

Eskuta’s get close up to your store and can usually park right outside your customers’ door, saving your team members valuable time and the business money.

‘Cycling’ has never been easier. The Eskuta is equipped with a ‘super-torque’ 250W motor that has been designed to take the legwork out of riding the bike. This ensures that not only are your store riders delivering quickly and on-time, but also are not fatigued and ready for the next order.

Helping make recruitment a doddle. We know that recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming part of any business. With the Eskuta bike this allows you to have a much wider pool of enthusiastic team members as you’re not restricted to moped riders that require a CBT.

Your in-store team members can be cross-trained to ride the Eskuta; creating labour efficiencies for your store, saving your business money, as you don’t need riders waiting around.